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The elegance of ceramic & porcelain flooring

Ceramic & porcelain tile have been around for many years, with some dating back to thousands of years BC. Even though it’s been around for so long, homeowners still enjoy choosing this material to floor their homes. Not only is it beautifully elegant, but it carries a great many benefits, many of which you’ll enjoy for your own home. While you may have never given tile flooring the benefit of the doubt before, we think now is a great time to do that.

At Dragon Scale Flooring, we will do our very best to make sure you find the perfect floor covering for your home. We want you to have something that matches your décor beautifully, but also meets all the needs you have as well. Serving the areas of Laurel, Columbia, Elicott City, Bowie and WashingtonDC, we have a showroom located in Laurel, MD. We invite you to stop by at your convenience to speak with one of our flooring specialists. We can get the process started quickly, and help you through every aspect of service.

Ceramic & porcelain aren't the same

Some people have often used the terms ceramic & porcelain as if they were the same floor covering. They do have several similar traits, but they have just enough differences to make them two very different products.

Porcelain tile is manufactured using only the highest quality clays and fired at very high temperatures. This creates a tile that is dense, hard, water resistant, and has a color scheme that looks the same throughout the tile. One of the most durable floor coverings, porcelain is a great addition in the bathroom, kitchen, entryway or any room in your home.

Ceramic is also created using high quality clay, but it is mixed with other all-natural ingredients as well. It has many of the same characteristics as porcelain in terms of density, durability and water resistance. However, once the clay is fired, the color throughout the tile is often not the same. This means that it can easily show chips and cracks if broken.

For the all natural look, most people prefer porcelain tile. You can even hand pick which specific tiles will make up your floors, and they can be finished with a clear coat. Ceramic is coated with brightly colored glazes and can be used to create an array of vast designs and mosaics as well.

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