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What you need to know about carpet

As the only soft-surface floor covering on the market, you will fall in love with the lush underfoot feel of carpet. But there is so much more to love about it. From the beautiful colors and designs available, to the safety features it presents for certain family members, this material has a lot going for it. You will actually be the one, though, to reap all the benefits, so why not take the time to check it out today?

Dragon Scale Flooring has a team of well-trained flooring professionals ready to help you find the perfect floor covering for your home. Furthermore, we are fully licensed and insured in several states, and will be sure to maintain the utmost in customer satisfaction. So no matter what your flooring needs, we will be happy to assist you. We serve the areas of Laurel, Columbia, Elicott City, Bowie and Washington DC with a showroom located in Laurel, MD. Stop by and speak to one of our flooring professionals today and be sure to ask about our free quote.

Carpet basics

One of the most important things about carpet is choosing the right fiber for your needs. In this floor covering, you can find everything from lush, super soft piles, or you can go all the way to something that is so short, dense and packed, that it feels almost like hard surface flooring. The factor that most determines which you can choose, is the level of traffic in the room you’ll be reflooring.

For instance, the luxurious high pile fibers are best suited for areas that see very little traffic. The more traffic a room sees, the more durable the fibers should be, especially in living rooms and hallways.

The fiber also plays a key role in resistance to stains and odors. Some brands have manufactured specific carpet fibers that have stain resistance built right in, with some specially focused on pet stains and odors. This is great news for those who have previously avoided this floor covering because of a fear of stains.

When it comes to safety, this is an excellent flooring for homes with small children, or elderly persons. It will give children a safe, warm place to play, and a soft spot to fall, if they’re learning to walk. For the elderly, it helps to keep canes and walkers from slipping away, which can actually lead to a fall, and furthermore, an injury.

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