Not one thing! Luxury isn’t the only word that describes the vinyl product, so do waterproof, durable and stylish.
This flooring is really only one of three that are waterproof; the other two are waterproof/WPC and tile, as long as it’s glazed.
The very thing that makes this product waterproof is also what makes it so durable. Sometimes called LVF, this is a layered product with the top being a very tough clear plastic wear layer. It not only makes the floor waterproof, but also stain and scratch-resistant. In fact, it’s so strong, it’s often recommended for playrooms, and any place that takes a lot of punishment. Stains wipe right off, and it just takes a sweep and, for more thorough cleaning, a manufacturer-approved detergent.
Affordable luxury looks like wood, tile, and stone
The product is an amazingly, thanks to high definition photography, mimic of the “real deal.” The vinyl is available in sheet-form, or it can be cut into tile or plank sizes, which can make it even more realistic. While many are still remembering those flat images, this product also comes with texturing to give it a wire-brushed or distressed look, resulting in more depth and dimension!
It has a lower cost than wood or tile, but we’re going to warn you away from rock-bottom, bargain-basement prices, because something is sure to suffer when you cut costs. The product might be too thin overall, or the photography might be subpar.
This flooring will give any room in the house a Wow Factor, whether it’s a living, dining or bedroom. It’s a terrific alternative if you yearn for the look of wood, but can’t have it because of excess water or moisture, or if the wallet just says no.
For example, you might want gray wood flooring in your farmhouse-style, but very leaky and flood-prone, kitchen. Vinyl is the answer here. You can even give your bathroom, often called “the wettest room in the house”, a little luxury with some wood look vinyl on the floor.
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