Do you want to know how to keep their hardwood in the best shape possible, for as long as possible?
We put together a quick cheat sheet for you as a handy reference to keep your wood floors in tip-top condition for as long as possible. Here's what you need to know to keep your hardwood gleaming!
Water: Good for hardwood trees, terrible for hardwood flooring
Once a tree is chopped down and processed into hardwood flooring, its drinking days are over. It's extremely important to protect them from water at all costs!
Always clean up wet spills as quickly as possible, and do everything you can to keep water off the floor. You might also consider a no-shoes policy for your home, putting waterproof mats in front of any sinks or other sources of water like the ice/water dispenser on your fridge.
Be sure to sweep daily
Dirt can slowly erode the finish of your hardwood flooring, and decrease the amount of time between refinishing jobs. This means your floors will suffer a decreased service life if the problem isn't managed.
The best way to keep this issue under control is to sweep the floors daily to remove any tracked-in dirt. Your vacuum is also an option, but be absolutely sure your beater brush isn't engaged, or you could do more damage in a few seconds than years of tracked-in dirt ever could!
Protect it from dings and gouges
Finally, always be sure to keep your floors safe from sharp impacts or gouges, by putting pads on the feet of your furniture, and always lifting it completely off the floor when moving it. Deep gouges and even minor dings can only be removed by sanding and refinishing the floors completely.
While this process completely rejuvenates your flooring to like-new condition, it can only be done a certain number of times before the floors need to be replaced completely. So, you want to avoid having to do it too often to maintain that desirable, long service life that is the hallmark of hardwood flooring!
When it comes to hardwood, we've got you covered!
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